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hessian products, south africa Hessian Cloth
Open Weave
Closed Weave
Fine Weave
Plaster Scrim
Geo Jute Soil Saver
Paint drip sheet

jute yarn & twines, kzn Jute Yarn & Twines
Jute Yarn & Twine
Seaming Twine

sisal twines, tarred and untarred Sisal Twine
Tarred & Untarred
bio degradable products in south africa Bio Degradable
Bio Degradable
Jute Logs

sythetic products Synthetic Products
Polypropylene Bags
Polypropylene Sand Bags
Polypropylene Bulk Bags
Game Capture Fabric / Curtains
Polypropylene Fuse Yarn
Polypropylene Curtain Tape
Polypropylene Cut Fibre
Polyethylene Tarpaulin
Cement Scrim
Weed Stop
Polypropylene Cloth
geosynthestic products and geo textiles Geosynthetic / Geo Textiles
Gabions / Mattress
Geo Fabric
Geo Pipe
Geosynthetic Clay liners
Tri Drain
Geo Cells
Danger Barrier Fence & Netting
assorted bags, south africa Bags

Jute Bags
Paper  Bags
Polypropylene Bags
Sand Bags
Torrie Bags
Marine Bags
Non-Woven Bags

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Hessian Cloth
Jute Yarn & Twines
Sisal Twine
Synthetic Products
Geosynthetic / Geo Textiles
Bio Degradable

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